Element Capillary Schedule


Home Care Capillary Schedule is the ideal ritual for hair that has undergone chemical transformation procedures or that is brittle, dry and porous.

Its powerful blend of actives restores hair elasticity, replenishes nutrients and restores strength, in addition to deeply hydrating, replacing capillary mass lost by chemical and daily aggressions.

Extends the durability of Coloring, Straightening based on proteins or keratins and capillary Botox. A fine fragrance and an easy-to-apply product, it takes care of the scalp and hair.

Divided into Nutrition, Hydration and Reconstruction masks, it can be used for all types of hair, as needed.

Ideal ritual for brittle, dry and porous hair that has undergone a chemical transformation procedure.
Restore the elasticity of the hair, replenish nutrients and restore strength, in addition to deeply hydrating, it replenishes the capillary mass lost by chemical and daily aggressions.

For all types of hair.

Active Ingredients: 
Melaleuca Essential Oil,
Macadamia Oil,
Argan oil,
White clay,
Cottonseed oil,
Shea Butter and Green Clay,
Sunflower oil,
Aloe Vera extract,
Complete Vitamin B3, B5, B6, C and E and Black Clay

Shampoo Element 250ml (salt free)
Reconstruction Mask Element 250ml
Nutrition Mask Element 250ml
Hydration Mask Element 250ml

Made in Brazil

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