Protein Treatment


Gel-based hair VEGETABLE PROTEIN, single-step, allergen-free, with quick absorption and reduced pause time. For thin, fragile, highlighted hair with dry ends. Strengthens the damaged cuticle and restores resistance, shine and the natural elasticity of the hair.

• It has a gel-based formula, rich in active ingredients that act intensively on the hair fibers providing immediate and long-term results. Promotes ultra hydration, emollience, repair and protection to the hair against external agents, unveiling shiny and soft hair. Enriched formula with collagen, bamboo extract, almond oil and vegetable protein complex.

• Improved hair permeation and absorption, minimizing the pause time.
• Remineralizes and conditions hair restoring a smooth and shiny texture.
• Rich in proteins, amino acids and organic acids that treat and revitalize the hair.


For thin and blonde hair.

Active Ingredients: collagen, Bamboo Extract, Almond oil, Vegetable Protein and coconut oil

  • Texture and flexibility
  • Regenerative action
  • Hair cuticle and cortex repair
  • Texture and volume Improvement
Made in Brazil


Straightens the hair filling the cuticular fissures through the hyaluronic acid contained in the formula, renewing its cells and preventing split ends, color fading and hair breakage. Reinforces protection with a velvety touch (cotton extract) of the hair cuticle.

Allergen-Free – Vegan Protein

• Green Coffee Protein Biorestore is a hair system repair developed with Bio-Restorative technology, foundational elements and phytonutrients for the total repair of damaged hair.

• Provides strength, resistance and color protection. An exclusive protein complex that replenishes amino acids and nutrients for a healthy hair balance. Provides shine and softness for every hair type.

• Doubles the hair longevity.
• Protects the color of natural, dyed, or bleached hair
• Retains a protective film


For all types of hair.

Active Ingredients: Rosemary, Hyaluronic acid, Green Coffee Oil, Vegetable Protein, Lactic acid and Coconut oil.

  • Made in Brazil

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