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Elaborated with hydrating and humectant active ingredients that provide a flexible and hydrated surface. It restores structure and the natural balance of the hair, deeply repairing the cuticle, making them velvety and with a silky touch.

Active Ingredients:
Babaçú | Babassu Oil
Urucum I Annatto Oil
Copaiba I Copaiba Oil
Queratina I Keratin

    For Dry and Extremely
    Damaged Hair.
Made in Brazil


For colored and/or highlighted hair, that requires pH stability, avoiding frizz and tangles after chemical treatment, providing greater hair softening and pH control. Developed with technological active ingredients that interact with the cysteine ​​of the hair, replenishing the amino acids. Provides immediate repair resulting in healthy hair with high hydration power, silkiness and extreme shine.

Active Ingredients:
Óleo de Maracuiá I Passion Fruit Oil
Óleo de Pracaxi | Pracaxi Oil
Queratina | Keratin

Salt-Free Shampoo
Melaleuca and Mint oil combination
Strong hair strands
Scalp protection

Made in Brazil


Prevents the oxidative process of blonde hair during and after the straightening process, providing a healthy and protected straight hair result, prolonging the tone of blonde hair. Carefully elaborated with Jabuticaba glycolic extract which contains the natural active ingredients Niacin and Anthocyanin, associated with the powerful antioxidant of Açaí, which protects the hair from external conditions, maintaining the color and promoting intense shine to the hair.

Active Ingredients:
Extrato de Açaí I Açaí Extract
Extrato de Jabuticaba I Jabuticaba Extract
Queratina | Keratin
Urucum I Annatto Oil

  • Prevents the oxidative process of blonde hair.
  • Repair and Protection during and after the straightening process.
  • Healthy and protected straight hair result.
  • Prolongs the tone of blonde hair.
  • Jabuticaba glycolic extract.
  • The powerful antioxidant of Açaí.
  • Intense shine.
Made in Brazil


THE DIAMOH CONNECT 5 HAIR THERAPY – Micro, Macro and Proton Treatment line – was developed with biotechnological active ingredients, obtained through active ingredients such as PCA NA and others. Developed for care before, during and after chemical treatments such as: bleaching, coloring, straightening, perming, providing strength, resistance and elasticity to the hair, preventing breakage during the chemical process. In addition to providing body to the hair strand, increasing the performance of any hair transformation.

• Promoting the strength and resistance of the strands

•Repairing and rebuilding the hair fibers.

•The Blend, Panthenol + Collagen, improves elasticity, adds shine and extra care to the hair fiber.


All types of hair

  • PCA NA

    Made in Brazil

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