Every woman is a diamond in the making
Diamoh Professional hair products offer transformative beauty to every type of hair
Beautiful, well-treated, shiny hair makes a statement when a woman walks into a room

Diamoh’s founders have been active in the beauty market for decades of combined experience.

Diana and Mozhgan had industry knowledge and an influential network. Still, the most important asset they carry is a direct connection with their clients. Traveling to international beauty fairs for so many years in so many countries allowed them to see the best from all around the world: Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. They could map what produces transformational results by paying attention, talking, listening, comparing, and analyzing. From the beginning, their goal was to revolutionize the beauty industry with its scientific findings, focusing on women's actual needs.

Seeing these women not as consumers but as people with challenges, careers, families, dreams, desires, and fears was the key to their success. In addition, they knew beautiful, healthy, strong, and shiny hair could boost these women's self-esteem. So they combined all this knowledge and years of experience with their network of outstanding researchers and product developers to create Diamoh.

Our brand name is the result of the combination of their names: Diana and Mozhgan. The name also reflects what our products do to women's hair. After our professional treatments and home care application, our clients experience the power of transformation, as it happens to a precious polished diamond.

Cosmetic innovation involves technological research, brainstorming ideas, market trends monitoring, and many other aspects.

Our goal is to revolutionize the beauty industry with scientific findings while focusing on women’s practical needs. Seeing these women not as consumers but as people with challenges, careers, families, dreams, desires, and fears is the key to our success.
We have combined decades of knowledge and experience to produce amazing results with the help of our outstanding researchers and product developers.


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Give your hair
a little magic!

A beautiful and shiny hair makes women feel confident and beautiful from the inside out! Don’t underestimate the power of a professional hair therapy!

We love to surprise our clients with our high-performance hair treatments developed by our experts using Reverse Science Technology. We manufacture our products using a Brazilian hair care lab, famous for exploring nature as a foundation to restore and regenerate.

As a result, dull hair becomes shiny after just one visit to the salon, and its maintenance at home becomes easy and uncomplicated. Healthy hair, backed by science.

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