Botox Treatment


Capillary Botox: Capillary filling takes care of the hair strands internally and externally, for all hair types. Frizzy, porous, dry, making them highly resistant and bringing their natural integrity. 

It has a perfect combination of the active ingredients Sericin and Keratin that promote intensive treatment and reconstruction in the membrane and cuticle. Restores shine and returns manageability to the hair through Green Tea and Pracaxi. Recommended for all types of hair, with or without previous chemical treatments. Promotes longevity of straightening.

High-performance treatment in a single product, promoting intensive reconstruction and lasting hydration. Performs total hair repair providing intense shine, with a combination of active ingredients with properties that interact with the hair fibers from the inside out, maintaining the integrity of the hair, interacts with the intense shine and softness of the hair, assists in the reconstruction and repair of the hair fibers, promoting resistant hair with natural balance.

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Active Ingredients:
Sericin, Pracaxi Oil
Green Tea

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